How did it take this long? Well done.

How did it take this long? Well done.

Anonymous said: Rafael tried screaming at a west brom player to make him miss, why are all united players cheating scum



We are all full of questions aren’t we? Like why are you scum?

Screaming is not cheating, the word for what he did would be distraction

Go work on your vocabulary and perceiving of the same.

Lmfao of all the things anon could talk shit about he picks this? what a joke


It’s called tactics

Oh dear


what black and white bedrooms do for me


what black and white bedrooms do for me


being friendly with a boy you aren’t romantically/physically attracted to and him developing feelings for you isn’t your fault, nor does it mean you were “leading him on”. you are under no obligation to date him.


bless friends who tell you, “text me when you get home safe”

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Ed Woodward is trending on twitter because of this. Apparently people are saying he said “fucking waste of money”. Don’t make something out of nothing.

He definitely says whats the point..which is exactly what we were all thinking

or ‘fucking what a prick’ ? perhaps. I’m not too good at lip reading. 

however if he’s a cockney ( i don’t know if he is) its probably whats the point. the way cockneys say ‘point’ is exactly how his lips just moved

on sunday I’m probably gonna have my worst hangover all year due to drinking on saturday for probably 14-15 hours, and its the chelsea game which we willl loose and tip me over the edge to the positive decision to lie down on the train tracks next to old trafford

i shouldn’t be getting goosebumps against a team like west brom

chelsea and city are gonna fucking slaughter us


Januzaj: Gets the ball, two stepovers, looses the ball..

Step overs the ball out of play